by Simon Šerc and Martina Testen

The field recording workshop will be introducing contemporary concepts in field recording, sound art, installations, architecture and sound design, with the use of field recordings as a basis. Participants will be crating special palettes which can be used as compositions, for experimentation and performances.

The first step one has to take when working with sound is learning how to listen. First we will listen to a selection of field recordings and discuss the information they provide about time and space in which they were created and about the way they affect the listener. This will be followed by an introduction into various recording techniques and strategies used in field recording. The second part of the workshop will be dedicated to practical work, sound recording and the selection and organising of the recordings – post-production (noise removal etc.)

Recommended gear: a recording device (mobile recorder, mobile phone…), laptop, headphones.

The workshop will be hosted by Martina Testen and Simon Šerc, experienced and internationally renowned audio-visual artists from our back yard! On this year’s Sajeta we also present them with the Biodukt and PureH projects.